• OFF12 - Edizione 2020 Dal 11 al 18 Luglio

Feature Films Competition. First and Second Italian Works


Direction: Alessandro Capitani (first work)
Country: Italy
Year: 2018
Duration: 80’
Sub. Eng.

Meet the public: the director Alessandro Capitani.

Cast: Sara Serraiocco, Alessandro Haber, Isabella Ferrari, Patrice Leconte.

Synopsis: Adele is a special girl. Free from brakes and inhibitions, she wears only a pink pajama with rabbit ears, she never separates herself from an imaginary cat and colours her post-it world, where she writes the names of her surroundings. Cynical and hypochondriac, Aldo is a theatre actor who, supported by Carla – his agent, friend and occasional bedfellow – is on the eve of his last great opportunity in the world of cinema. The sudden death of Adele’s mother upsets Aldo’s plans, who only now discovers that he is the girl’s father. With the task of telling her the truth and the intent to get rid of it, Aldo leaves with Adele going up from Puglia in an old cabrio to face a journey with an uncertain destination.

17 JULY 2019
Arena Minerva 8.30 PM
Sdra/In Solarium Nettuno 11.00 pm | reply