• OFF12 - Edizione 2020 Dal 11 al 18 Luglio

Feature Films Competition. First and Second Italian Works


Direction: Emiliano Corapi (second work)
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Duration: 90’
Sub. Eng.

Meet the public: the interpreter Miriam Leone.

Cast: Miriam Leone, Simone Liberati, Fabrizio Rongione, Anna Ferruzzo, Luciano Scarpa, Maurizio Bianucci

Synopsis: Sentimentally frightened, Renato has always kept away from relationships that really involved him. But when he discovers that Anna, whom he met by chance, is under house arrest, he decides to let himself go to his always feared feelings. In that house, where the only male actor is, she is convinced that she can control the situation. In love, however, there are no safe ways and soon the situation becomes more complicated.

16 JULY 2019
Arena Minerva 8.30 PM
Sdra/In Solarium Nettuno 11.00 PM | reply