• OFF12 - Edizione 2020 Dal 11 al 18 Luglio

Feature Films Competition. First and Second Italian Works


Direction: Paolo Licata (first work)
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Duration: 95’
Sub. Eng.

Meet the public: the director Paolo Licata and the interpreter Lucia Sardo.

Cast: Lucia Sardo, Marta Castiglia, Ileana Rigano, Katia Greco, Tania Bambaci, Loredana Marino

Synopsis: tells the story of Lucia, an eleven-year-old girl whose parents emigrated to France in search of work, entrusting her to her grandmother Maria, a severe woman unable to express her feelings. Over the months Lucia’s existence becomes populated with people and affections. Curiosity pushes her towards men, a mysterious world from which to stay away (as her grandmother says) or everything to discover (as Lucia thinks). One of them hides a terrible secret and our Picciridda will be the victim of it. In a hostile social context, the little protagonist pays a very high price, but continues to fight to grow with dignity, strength and optimism.

18 JULY 2019
Arena Minerva 8.30 PM
Sdra/In Solarium Nettuno 11.00 PM | reply