• OFF12 - Edizione 2020 Dal 11 al 18 Luglio

International Documentaries Competition


Direction: Ester Sparatore
Country: France, Italy, Belgium
Year: 2019
Duration: 90′
Sub ita

Meet the public: the director Ester Sparatore

Synopsis: The women-photographers are gathered in front of the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior and the Italian Embassy in Tunis. They hold photographs of their children, husbands and brothers. They all disappeared trying to emigrate by sea to Europe, in the period of the Arab Spring. Among these women is Om El Khir Ouirtatani. The film follows her through moments of public and private life, as the mother of three children and representative of the association La Terre Pour Tous, struggling to keep the family going and find the truth about what happened to her husband.

17 JULY 2019
Arena Logoteta 9.35 PM
18 JULY 2019
Saletta Siracusa 3D Reborn 7:20 PM