• OFF12 - Edizione 2020 Dal 11 al 18 Luglio

International Short Films Competition


Direction: Rodolfo Gusmeroli
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Duration: 12′
Sub eng

Meet the public: the director Rodolfo Gusmeroli

Cast: Vincent Riotta, Filippo Scarafia, Roberto Rizzoni, Marco Iannitello, Santo Sordello, Daniele Foglietta

Synopsis: Domino Sturling has been a supervillain professional for over forty years now. But time passes for everyone, even for him, who after a normale day’s work, finds himself discharged to be replaced by the youth who aspire to the status of Sturling. Domino discovers the name of his successor: Copper. Furious and without hesitation, he will try to regain his throne of supervillain.

14 JULY 2019
Saletta Siracusa 3D Reborn 7:10 PM
16 JULY 2019
Arena Logoteta 9.05 PM