• OFF12 - Edizione 2020 Dal 11 al 18 Luglio

Arena Minerva
Duomo Square

Wide and rectangular, it runs along the side of the Duomo, the heart and living room of the historic center. In the wall you can see the columns of the ancient temple of Athena, erected at the beginning of the century V BC On the occasion of the Festival, the square becomes a Cinematographic Arena equipped with the best projection systems. It hosts the main sections of the Festival and the meetings with authors, actors, producers and the awards ceremony.

Arena Logoteta

Located a few meters from Piazza Minerva, it is located in the Jewish quarter of the island of Ortigia: the Giudecca. During the Festival the area is entirely pedestrianized and transformed into a Cinematographic Arena that hosts the side events, replicas, meetings with artists, readings, book presentations, etc.

Meeting & Info Point

Casina Minniti in Largo Logoteta in front of the arena. Internal area used as an information point with a dedicated hostess for info, advertising material, gadgets etc. Meeting place for all festival guests and spectators who go to vote on films.

Exhibition & Events Ex Convento S.Francesco d’Assisi

The Ex Convento San Francesco di Assisi in via Gargallo, home of the Ortigia Film festival and collateral events: Meetings with the protagonists of the festival, book presentations, masterclasses, work-shops.