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Cinema & Dance Section | non-competitive


Direction: Jonas Baeckeland
Country: Belgium
Year: 2019
Duration: 30’

Cast: Sarah Huppermans, Nele Theuwissen, Anna-Ganesha Gering

Synopsis: Interweaving three stages of their girlhood, ‘Nous Trois’ captures the childlike swiftness
that maintained in Anna, Nele and Sarah’s intervening lives, from children to young independent
women. The choreography and movements symbolically grasp their changing identity. ‘Nous Trois’
is a trilogy in which the same three girls are filmed every six years. The first footage dates when
the girls were six years old. The second part when the girls were twelve years old. At the period
the girls were at the age of 18 and all were filmed individually with a different choreographer in a
different setting.

JULY 14 2019
Arena Logoteta 08.30 pm