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Out of Competition Films


Direction: Costanza Quatriglio
Country: Italy, Belgium, Croatia
Year: 2018
Duration: 103′
Sub eng

Meet the public: the director Costanza Quatriglio

Cast: Basir Ahang, Dawood Yousefi, Tihana Lazovic

Synopsis: Ismail left Afghanistan when he was still a child and lives in Europe with his brother Hassan. He thinks his mother is dead but, as an adult, he discovers that the woman is alive and has a new family. After an uncertain recognition over the phone, the lives of the two brothers are destined to change. Ismail sets out to meet her mother, thus coming to terms with the cruelty of the war and the persecution of her people, the Hazara people.

19 JULY 2019
Arena Logoteta 8.30 PM